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I figured out how to respond to the replys on my blogs! (It was originally wanting me to make a profile to reply!)  I like to figure things out on my own before I read the instructions!  Hahahaha!  Then later I read the instructions to learn everything!  So now I’m going back in to respond to some of the posts.  It’ll take me a while, so be patient!


Jacque 💜

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12 comments on “Whoooooooo Hoooooooo!!!”

  1. That’s awesome, Jacque. I figured out last night that you had this blog site (slightly behind the times)

  2. You’re not behind Devonnee!!! I’m still getting word out as I build up some content! Now, if only I had something worthy of “content”! 🤣

  3. Jacque, you can do anything you set your mind on. Very intelligent young lady, yes you are! Thank you for thinking of others, such a blessing to us all.

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