Black Friday 2020 Deals

by Jacque Gonzales

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Hi everyone! Black Friday is HERE!!! If you’re shopping from home like I am – I’ve found some GREAT deals you’ll want to check out!

ATTENTION CRAFTERS! One thing I MUST tell you about immediately before it sells out: Save over $250 off the CRICUT MAKER + EVERYTHING MATERIALS BUNDLE!!!

I have wanted a Cricut Maker for years but it never went on sale…and then this incredible sale kicked off and I bought one!!! I’m sooooooooo excited!!! If you or someone you know has every wanted one – move quickly before it’s gone! Plus almost everything on the site is on sale!

For Thanksgiving we tried something new – we cooked our 6 pound turkey breast in our Ninja Foodi – and it was AMAZING – and done in under an hour!!! My hubby didn’t want to believe it would be any good – and boy did he eat his words – and then some!!!

AND today on Amazon the Ninja Foodi 8 Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker, Broil, Dehydrate, Show Cook, Air Fryer, and More is on SALE for Black Friday for $169.99! It’s 37% off! BTW…I followed this AMAZING recipe to prepare our turkey breast in the Ninja Foodi from Louise at The Salted Pepper!!!

Looking for something sure to bring a smile to someone’s face??? If they love the movie “Elf” like we do – this is what you want! At under $17 – Buddy the 12″ Elf Talking Plush says 15 classic quotes! He’s got a soft body, like another elf that likes to move around the house at this time of the year (oh, yea…but that elf is in quarantine – check it out HERE!).

Ancestry DNA is on sale for $47! Save $52 I’ve done it and the results were fascinating!!!

And, another DNA test that I’ve done, 23andMe Health + Ancestry DNA is on sale for $99! Save $100! This one showed me my Maternal Haplogroup – which traces my mother’s line of female decedents from where they lived.

Something fun we have for our doggies Grace and Zoey – the Furbo Dog Camera – Full HD Wifi Camera, Treat Tossing, with 2-Way Audio! It works GREAT – and I recorded my own notification to the dogs to let them know when to come get a treat! With the Wifi camera – you can set it on motion sensing, as well as bark alerts that will go to your phone via the Furbo app while you’re away from home.

Coming tomorrow…I’ll have Beauty and Fashion Deals for you!!! Along with some great affordable gifts! What type of gifts would you love to receive this year? Post your “Wish-List” in the comments below!

💜 Jacque

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