Let’s Try This Again…Day 1

by Jacque Gonzales

Well…last year’s “Jacque’s Journey” didn’t continue on the way I had hoped. There were speed bumps, detours, and finally a road block that stopped me. As much as I could say “I failed, so why try again?” – I must try again. For me…and most importantly to show my daughter that I’m not going to just give up. 2022 was an “Ok” year, where I learned quite a bit about myself – good and bad. Now it’s time to dust myself off and start again. Small steps. Today for Day 1 it was about grace…and being vulnerable. Sending a hug to all who need it…and thanks to all those who are always there to help. Happy New Year 💜 Jacque

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💜Theresa January 5, 2023 - 11:56 PM

Hi Jacque,
You have been on my mind, and I thought I’d check in to see how you are doing. I hope your year is getting off to a good start and that Jim had a great birthday.
Purple is also my favorite color and amethyst is my birthstone. Next month will be a new phase of life for me as I will turn 65, which is hard to believe!!💜💜

Ava January 2, 2023 - 1:08 AM

Hi Jacque
Happy to “hear” from you.
In my world 2020-broke me
2021-lights are still dim
2022-more life changing events
By The Grace of God..
Be well🙏

Jacque Gonzales January 2, 2023 - 1:26 AM

Beautiful said, Ava!!! 💜🙏🏻💜

Jennifer January 2, 2023 - 3:21 PM

Hi Jacq I’m already stressing and it’s just the second of January so I’m excited to be able to connect with you and others and hopefully we can build a community that will support and help each other through the ups and downs we will inevitably face in 2023

Theresa January 1, 2023 - 11:18 PM

So happy to hear from you Jacque. 2022 was up and down for me too. Happy New Year!💜

Jacque Gonzales January 1, 2023 - 11:32 PM

I’m sorry it wasn’t better for you, but it’s nice knowing that we’re not alone! Sending you a BIG HUG!!! 💜 Happy New Year, Theresa!!!


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