Update On Our Dog Zoey

by Jacque Gonzales

Hi friends!  I’ll be updating you on “Jacque’s Journey” and the entire 2 months that I missed posting – tomorrow! I promise!  I’ve had some other things going on that I’ll fill you in on. Now, I wanted to update you all about our dog Zoey, who hasn’t been feeling well.  Thank you all so much for the love and prayers for her to feel better!

Zoey has never been a great eater.  Some days she eats 1 meal, somedays she’ll eat all 3 meals.  Lately, she’s back down to mostly 1 meal per day.  Thankfully she drinks water.  Around Christmastime we noticed that Zoey DID NOT want to go outside…so much so that she’d use all her 65 pounds to dig her feet into the floor and stop us from getting her to go out.  She went outside only twice a day at that time.  Then she started sleeping later and later each day.  She started sleeping 12+ hours each day – so we visited the veterinarian to see if they could do any sort of tests to see what was going on.

Several tests were done on Zoey, including blood work, radiological imaging, and a full physical. The imaging showed nothing wrong. The veterinarian felt that something wasn’t conclusive enough with her bloodwork – and it was sent off to a lab that specializes in pinpointing specific issues.

A few weeks went by and the results came back and Zoey has an extremely low thyroid. The lab did some further testing and helped determine the best medicine for her to start.

She’s taking the medicine twice a day along with Benadryl (to help slow production of mast cells that she had before) – and she’s starting to perk up a bit!

“Did I say you could take a picture of me???” – Zoey

We take her back in this week for another blood test to see how the initial dosing is working. I promise to update you all as soon as we get the results back!

Sending you lots of love!

Jacque 💜

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