ECLIPSE: How can I safely take pictures?

by Jacque Gonzales

Here’s the TRUTH

Take EXTREME procautions if you try to take pictures of the eclipse.

Never look at the sun directly without accredited and approved solar filtration over your eyes – this includes looking through camera displays.

The information that I’ve gathered have come from the various sources that I will quote.  These are not my suggestions – and you need to decide for yourself if you will or won’t take the risks to take pictures of the eclipse.


INFO via FORBES Article -> HERE  “Don’t Let The Eclipse Be The Last Thing Your iPhone Sees”

That title alone doesn’t give me much confidence in using my smartphone!  Some smartphone manufacturers are saying “Do not use your smartphone to photograph the eclipse because the camera sensor can be permanently damaged.”  Others say the opposite.

Here’s what NASA has to say about capturing the eclipse with your smartphone -> HERE

Here’s info regarding Apple iOS smartphones via APPLE INSIDER -> HERE

I could not locate any articles specifically just for  Android smartphones.  If you find one, would you please post the site link in the comments?

And information on a partial eclipse photo from a smartphone for those of you far away from the line of totality -> HERE

And then there’s this article from USA TODAY that gives you their options for using your smartphone.  Read it -> HERE

If you do risk using your smartphone – do not zoom in. No matter what distance the photo is taken it’s still going to look like a big bright blog in the sky.  Sorry, but that’s true.  Unless you got a zoom attachment for your phone to use WITH an APPROVED SOLAR FILTER – everyone’s photos will look pretty much the same from a smartphone.



DO NOT use your DSLR camera if you do not have an APPROVED SOLAR FILTER to put on your camera lens.  With the high concentration of light waves that come from the sun – it can do permanent damage to your camera.  (I didn’t get an approved filter for my DSLR camera – so I’m not going to use it.)


So there’s some interesting info on the GoPro website about eclipse filming.  Read it -> HERE

Still take precautions.  From the GoPro website: “Note: No solar filters are required to capture the eclipse since GoPro lenses are wide and it doesn’t affect the sensor like a telephoto lens would be pointing directly at the Sun.”
There you go!  All the info I could gather from news sources to help you decide if you will attempt to take photographs of the eclipse.

What’s better than a photo?  Enjoying the eclipse with your family only through approved eclipse glasses or a pinhole camera!  See my previous blog from today on how to make a pinhole camera!

And you know there will be PLENTY of images being posted online!  I will be checking out the photos and videos at NASA.GOV !  

ENJOY!  The next total solar eclipse isn’t going to be visible in North America and Mexico until April 8, 2024!!!


Jacque 💜

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From NASA via USA Today

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