Day 2 – First Steps of “Jacque’s Journey” – Silence The “Inner Bully”

by Jacque Gonzales

I honestly wish I could tell you that I already have an elaborate plan drawn up and ready to go for “Jacque’s Journey” – but I don’t.

Normally, that would start to snowball my anxiety – but it’s a new year, with a new beginning – and I’m going to do everything I can to embrace a new attitude. I’m going to work really hard to silence that “Inner Bully” that LOVES to make you doubt yourself!

How do you silence your “Inner Bully” that creates doubts and fears??? (Please post in the comments below.)

So as one of my first steps … I’m going to allow myself grace to not think that everything has to be perfectly planned or it’s a complete failure. Sure, I want to get better at planning things out in advance, but it feels like that “skill/habit” has dramatically diminished over the last couple years.

Starting tomorrow, on Day 3, I plan to get my blog posted before 10pm Eastern. You might think that’s no big feat, but for a night owl like myself it’s early! I want to get them published earlier so I don’t feel a ticking deadline of 11:59pm each night breathing down my neck!

In addition to moving my posting deadline earlier to alleviate the worry of getting it finished on time – I’m going to sit down tomorrow and write down more of what I want to accomplish. Let’s plan to discuss how we can help each other come up with our lists of “improvements” and long-term goals.

I want to say “Thank you” and I’m so touched that so many of you who responded that you’d like to join in on this “Journey”! There’s nothing better than friends helping one another!

Until tomorrow, get some rest, my friend! Sending you a GIANT HUG!!!



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