Fall Leaves, Crisp Air, and Pumpkin-Flavored Everything – But Something Is Missing

by Jacque Gonzales

It finally feels like fall here in Pennsylvania. There’s a gorgeous wash of red and yellow through all of the trees, the crisp fall air makes me want to bundle up in a favorite, cozy sweater, all while sipping on a warm pumpkin-flavored cup of coffee. However, this year being 2020, Fall doesn’t feel quite right.

Growing up in New Mexico, I remember thinking that it was really cold there in the fall and winter. Fast forward almost 30 years: after living in Kansas City, New York City, and now Philadelphia – I now know what COLD feels like! To be fair, it does get really cold in the desert, especially when the sun goes down!

Fall, according to several surveys, has been the favorite season of many Americans for quite some time. It’s mainly due to the beauty of the color changing leaves – and not pumpkin-spice! I thought everyone loved pumpkin-spice?!? FYI: I’ve included my own “Favorite Season” poll at the end of the blog to see which season YOU would actually choose!!! I never knew how much I loved nature until I was able to see different regions of the country, and soak in each areas unique beauty.​​​​ ​

Well, this fall, the “Fall of 2020”, has managed to make things feel a bit different, almost unfamiliar. I know that it’s “Fall” by the date, the weather changes, etc., but mentally I feel like I’m still back in March. Anyone else?

I’m trying to get in the mood for Thanksgiving and Christmas – but Halloween came and went in the blink of an eye. Since we didn’t go out this year for Halloween – and we didn’t dress up at home – it just feels like “Meh”.

I want to really dive into fall – and ENJOY it! I honestly NEED to do that too – for a huge stress reliever! ​​​​​I’ve got pretty bad allergies, so this time of year really kicks things up a notch in the “Sneezy” category for me – and I do my best not to trigger my asthma in any way. However, I really want to get outside a little bit and start taking more photos. I LOVE NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY! Even though photographs can never do a location justice of capturing the same feeling of actually being there – I must photograph beautiful things that catch my eye in nature!

Our leaves in Pennsylvania are still a mixture of red, yellow, and a few green leaves that are not willing to change…just yet! With the several hurricanes that became tropical storms that tracked through our area – many of the leaves are down and swept away already. I’ll look for pretty scenic locations, water, animals, old barns, and whatever catches my eye.​​​​ Do any of you enjoy photography?

Well, that’s just one idea that I have to help me feel more like it’s the fall season we love. The other idea is baking…but good grief…I don’t want to be surrounded by goodies or I’ll eat them! Evidence of my love for all things sweet can be found -> The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes!!!

If I start baking more I’ll just send the majority of it to my husbands workplace – and to my friends at our local school district that are working everyday to make online learning work the best way that they can! That works, right?!?

I have always loved baking, and honestly, Theresa and I haven’t done very much of it together because she doesn’t really like sweets! Well, she loves donuts, but that’s it. No cake, cupcakes, muffins, candy…she just has no interest. She lucky that she didn’t inherit the sugar-craving gene from either one of us! Wait, she does love biscuits – more specifically, Cracker Barrel biscuits! I’ve never made biscuits before, are they easy or hard to do? Does anyone have a fool-proof biscuit recipe they could send me??? If you do, please post it in the comment section at the bottom! I think that should be our next big kitchen day together – Our FIRST TIME Making BISCUITS! Mmmmm…biscuits!

One thing I didn’t do during quarantine that many people did – BAKING BREAD! Good grief, being able to have hot bread, slathered with butter, out of my own oven??? I’d end up making bread and butter my main food group if I started making it! So far I’ve resisted the urge to bake bread – but I have a feeling I’ll finally cave in the next couple months – especially since my hubby brought me home several packets of yeast to give it a try! But for now, I’ll stick to trying to make biscuits! (With butter!)

So basically, all I’ve come up with is taking pictures and baking. I’ll keep thinking. Do you think those two things will be enough to get me feeling more like it’s actually FALL? Do you have any other ideas/suggestions? What puts you in a great FALL mood??? Please post them down below in the comments! And before you go, make sure to answer the poll below about your “Favorite Season”!

💜 Jacque

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Darlene rose November 14, 2020 - 2:30 AM

Fall is my favorite time of year. Love the colors, the temperatures, and everything about it. I used to get the baking bug in the fall, as soon as it was fall, I’d get urge to bake.. best time you don’t need the heat or AC. How are you doing Jacque,hope you’re doing well and your family. Enjoy the holidays with your family coming up and God Bless.

Faith-Anne November 13, 2020 - 9:06 PM

Hi Jacque. It’s me, momswag from Instagram. Real name Faith-Anne Wagner. Nickname is Lucy. There’s a woman on Facebook called cooking with Brenda Gant and she’s a hoot and a half. She’s southern and adorable snd make old timey recipes 🤣 I just love her. Anyway, here’s a link to her biscuits. I use room temperature butter instead of crisco but you could totally use the crisco. She’s awesome. Follow her. I think she’s even on Instagram. Her story is heartwarming and she is the real deal. Below, is the recipe. Love and hugs as always, from coastal New Jersey ❤️🤗


Dan November 13, 2020 - 8:22 PM

Not a photographer, but I do computer illustration/cartooning. I prefer Houston’s early Spring and early Fall months (low humidity & coolish temps). Btw, never really cared for pumpkin; I do love all things chocolate.

Franni November 13, 2020 - 7:25 PM

Funny you should mention photography. I have been actually considering getting a decent digital camera not a break the bank money wise camera but a better one in hopes that some photography might ease my stress. Any pointers you can send my way would be appreciated. And by the way I’m one of those people who don’t like pumpkin spice coffee but in all fairness I don’t like coffee at all. Talk with you soon


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