My Picks & Favorites for Amazon Prime Day!!!

by Jacque Gonzales

Now that we’re in the last several hours of AMAZON PRIME DAY  for Prime Members – I want to share with you MY PICKS and FAVORITES to check out!  It all ends tonight at 3am Eastern / 12am Pacific!  Stop by my Amazon Shop and click “FOLLOW” and you’ll get updates whenever I add new products you might want see!

The AMAZON PRIME DAY section has all the biggest deals that are going on!  I’m updating the section as new items launch and items sell out – so keep checking back throughout the day!

Of course, my top pick WAS the INSTANT POT DUO60 – but by the time this is up – the Prime Day Deal on the DUO60 has SOLD OUT!  (The Lux, Ultra, and Duo Plus are available.)  BUT…if you got the Instant Pot, or already have one – check out my INSTANT POT LOVE section of accessories to make you fall even MORE in love with your Instant Pot!  You definitely want to think about investing in:

1. Genuine Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid  ip lid.jpg

2.  Genuine Instant Pot Stainless Steel Inner Cooking PotIP pot

3. Stackable Egg Steamer Rack Trivet  ip Egg Rack.jpg

4. Double Tier Stackable Steamer Basket  ip basket

5.  Stack N’ Cook Stackable Insert Pans ip stack.jpg

6.  Steam Diverter Silicone Pressure Release Accessory  ip diverter.jpg

I’m also picking up this decal for my Instant Pot!!!  ip decal.jpg

Or do I get the Lionel Richie decal?  ip decal2

You can check out all of my picks for you in my INSTANT POT LOVE shop!

One of the BIGGEST sellers last year for Prime Day – I bought and LOVED it! 23

It’s the 23andMe DNA Test – on sale for 67% off at $99.99 vs. $299.00  – Get it HERE    ***Make sure to put it in your basket to REVEAL the PRIME DAY DEAL PRICE.

I made an entire section of MY FAVORITES – of items that I’ve purchased at Amazon and LOVE.  soundmachine

Like our Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine that’s in EVERY bedroom so we can get some good sleep without distractions!  It’s the sound machine you find in many doctors offices so conversations cannot be overheard.

My daughter Theresa brings to you THERESA’s TOY SHOP & GIFTS with picks for the kids in your life and suggestions based off of what she thinks is really fun!

Including the EXTREMELY HOT TOY – Scruff-A-Luvs!!!

Scruff-A-Luv Pink scruffbut it’s NOT on Prime for Free S&H.

My dogs Grace and Zoey – our rescue pups – are always getting spoiled via Amazon!  So we have a PET IDEAS section with toys, beds – and one of the most important books to have – “For Every Dog An Angel” from my friend Christine Davis.

foreverydog.jpgI have given this book to countless friends when they’ve lost their fur baby.

She also has “For Every Cat An Angel”, “Forever Paws” (my dog Bo Didley’s name is included in her artwork!), and “The Shelter Dog” that are marvelous.

My close friends know that I LOVE PURPLE – so I created a PURPLE PASSION shop with some of the cutest purple things that caught my eye!  purple wallet

I always am looking for a great wallet to stay organized – and check out this RFID Blocking Wax Real Leather Zip Around Wallet Clutch Large Travel Purse!!!  It’s adorable!  Let me know if you know of other items that would be a great addition to the purple collection!

GIFTS of FAITH are very special to me – and there are two things in particular that I want to share with you.  Theresa and I draw a card from this God’s Promise Box of Prayers Gods promise boxeach night and read them to each other – we then talk about what the prayers and verses from the Bible mean – it’s wonderful.  A friend of mine in Baltimore introduced me to this little box – and it’s been a cherished part of my life since then!

The other items is a hand held cross and angel called Ganz My Lord’s Cross & My Comfort Angel Praying Bundle.  When you feel the need to hold the cross or angel in a way that is so immeasurably comforting.  comfort crossangel

They are sculpted in a way that when you grasp it, it feels like it was made just for your hand.  You can also find them separately in my GIFTS of FAITH shop.

In BEAUTY PICKS – I’ve found some of my favorite brands and products that I use.  The TASSI Hair Holder Head Wrap is one of the best things you can have when washing your face, putting on skin care, or doing your make-up to keep your hair out of the way!!!


If you’re looking for FABULOUS FASHION – I’m just starting to build that shop jumpsuitearrings

with cute things – and the same goes for my ACCESSORIZE YOUR LOOK shop!  I’m excited to start PRIME WARDROBE where you can try on the things you order, send back the ones you don’t like for FREE – and only be charged for what you keep!  YES!!!

amazon prime wardrobe

MY WISHLIST – is a collection of items that I have my eye on – and that I’m hoping to get very soon!  echo look

Like The Echo Look | Hands-Free Camera and Style Assistant with Alexa—includes Style Check to get a second opinion on your outfit!!!  It looks like so much FUN!!!

SMART HOME – brings us all of the fantastic technology that makes our lives a little less stressful.  Like the massively popular Echo Dot!


MY STUDIO EQUIPMENT – is a full list of the latest items that I’ve purchased to build a studio in my home!  divaring

Like my Diva Ring Light that is AWESOME!!!

IT’S WINE O’CLOCK – For my wine friends a collection of fun things!

winesocksmom juice

KITCHEN GADGETS & GIZMOS – One of my favorites is the Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan is soooooooooo good!!!  bakersedge

GIFT IDEAS for anyone you could possibly think of!  Like Letters to My Daughter: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. letterstomy

I bought it to write letters to Theresa!  They have different kinds too – to Son, Mom, Dad, Grandchild, Baby, Future Self and more!!!

LOVE TO READ – The latest books I’m reading and fun gift ideas!!!  Like this AMAZING book I’m almost finished  badassreading from Jen Sincero – You Are A Badass How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life!

And my geeky side LOVES my GEEK-O-RAMA shop!  Harry Potter, Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, Science…you know, the fun stuff!!!  periodicscarf

Like this cute Periodic Table Colorful Infinity Scarf!!!

So…stop by on by my AMAZON Shop HERE – and if you follow me there, you’ll get updates when I add new things!!!  I’ll be updating things for each month, season, and holiday!

Ok…I’m off to finish my PRIME DAY shopping before it’s over!!!  What are you shopping for or bought already on PRIME DAY???  Let me know in the comments below!

💜 Jacque

amazon prime door2



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