BlogHer Here I Come!

by Jacque Gonzales

I’m so excited to finally have the chance to attend BlogHer. I’ve wanted to go the past couple of years, but wasn’t able to coordinate with my work schedule.  FINALLY, I’m headed to BlogHer17!BH17_BlogBling_300x300_Going

I have to be honest.  Getting ready for this trip has been a combination of excitement encased in a giant ball of nervousness!  I thought that surely I was the only attendee that would be nervous.  I mean, look at all of these incredible ladies who have really demonstrated their incredible abilities to connect and articulate on multiple platforms to their followers.  It’s a bit intimidating.

…….then I started reading the posts from other first time BlogHer attendees – and found out I wasn’t alone!  Whew.

So many ladies put my mind at ease as they wrote about how they were going to handle feeling awkward in the sea of women influencers (and a couple of men influencers too).

Many reached out to fellow INTROVERTS.  Well….no one ever believes me when I tell them that I’m an introvert.  I AM!!!  My career in front of a live camera or behind a live microphone – is my job – so I can’t be introverted at that time!  But when I’m not “LIVE” my shyness kicks in.  My insecurities and doubts are there screaming in my head that I’m not able to hold anyone’s attention or interest.  But knowing that other BlogHer attendees felt the same gave me such a feeling of, dare I say it, inclusiveness!

So I’ll be making a B-Line to find my fellow INTROVERTS — although in a stealthy kind of – side eye, secret head nod kind of a way when we locate one another.  I know we’ll find each other!

Now if only someone brought a dog……I’m great with dogs!  😉

Time to finish packing!  Who am I kidding – I’m just starting to pack!

🙂 Jacque

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