Sun Tea? Potentially dangerous!!! Whaaat?!?

by Jacque Gonzales

I know that it’s officially fall now – but I’ve craved sweet tea all summer – actually I crave it all the time – but more so when it’s hot! It brings up memories of my mom making delicious sun tea in a large jug in the hot New Mexico sun. It was the BEST!!! Those were some good memories!

All this tea craving drove me online to try to remember the exact details of how to make sun tea (other than put water in a glass tea jug, add water, tea bags, and put out in the sun.)!

Next thing I see … warnings about why we shouldn’t drink sun tea. WHAAAAT??? Apparently we weren’t aware back in the day that making sun tea could cause bacteria to grow while it’s outside! This did make my brain try to quickly scan my memory if I had forgotten that information or perhaps missed that day in Science! I’m thankful we never got sick!

Here’s a good article about it from SNOPES: BACTERIA IN SUN TEA RISK

And this REPORT from The Ohio State University.

Woah! So…now that we know that we shouldn’t make Sun Tea anymore – what alternative do we have to making tea taste as delicious as the sun tea I remember – but that is safe to drink?

Have you found something that tastes similar??? Let me know in the comments below!

Our weather in Pennsylvania really dropped this weekend right on cue as we began Fall – but our weather is supposedly jumping back up in the 80’s! YEA! So I’ll be back in sweet tea craving mode!

Nom Nom,

Jacque 💜

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Shayna September 24, 2018 - 1:53 PM

Hi Jacque –
My cousin owns Lenny Boy Brewing. I believe they would offer the Kombucha at Earth Fare if you have one near you. Here is a link to the website and here you can watch a news story about it


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