It’s All Avocado Love On National Avocado Day 🥑

by Jacque Gonzales

Today is a very special day for avocado lovers world wide – it’s your day to shout from the roof tops that it’s National Avocado Day!

Avocados as a superfood have become a staple for many, despite how pricey the little gems can be!

I wanted to share some of the yummies avocado recipes that I’ve been collecting over on my Pinterest Page to test out! Let me know in the comment section below which ones are your favorites!

  • I’m starting out with my all time favorite way to enjoy avocados that takes me back to my home state – New Mexico Green Chile Guacamole! Check it out from I Am New Mexico – but with my one suggestion … add a diced Roma tomato to the recipe! YUMMY!!!

The Avocado Toast craze is EVERYWHERE! Check out the recipes for 20 different versions -> HERE

  • The Avocado Deviled Eggs from Damn Delicious are out of this world!!! Yes, that’s bacon on top!!!

  • A spicy twist with a Mexican Chicken Avocado Sandwich from A Fed Up Foodie. (Being a die hard New Mexico Green Chile devotee – I’d swap out the jalapeño for my favorite green chile!)

  • And how about adding some Omega 3’s in with the “good fat” in avocados in a delicious Avocado Tuna Patties from Seeded At The Table! Yum!

  • I never saw OR even thought that avocados could be deep fried until I saw this recipe for Fried Avocados from Desperately Seeking Gina! Look at that golden deliciousness!!!

  • Don’t want to deep fry your avocados? How about wrapping them in bacon with this recipe from A Spicy Perspective!

…and before all the summer strawberries are gone you’ll want to make this Avocado Strawberry Spinach Salad from The Dish On Healthy.

  • I could eat shrimp everyday! And what a glorious combination in this Shrimp Avocado Salsa from MamaGourmand!

A fantastic entree comes to life in this Chicken Fajita Stuffed Avocado from Healthy Little Peach.




But what do you do when those deliciously tricky avocados go from unripe to over ripe in the blink of an eye??? From using over ripe avocados in scrambled eggs, to a delicious salad dressing, to making brownies extra moist – there are some excellent suggestions so your avocado investment doesn’t end up in the trash can! Well…I found solutions galore that you’ll want to save -> HERE!

Which are your favorite avocado recipes and which ones do you like best from the ones I’ve shared with you??? Let me know in the comments below!

Nom Nom!

💜 Jacque

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