How Our Dogs Rescue Us – National Rescue Dog Day

by Jacque Gonzales

Today we celebrate “National Rescue Dog Day”!!!  When we adopt a pet, we not only save their life, but we open ourselves up for unconditional love.  When you receive that kind of love from a pet it can be so good for us on so many levels.  Having a pet has shown in studies to reduce stress and improve mental health!  That’s something that ALL of us can use in our lives!

All the doggies (and one cat) that have been in my life were rescues:

Caesar  (Poodle)

Willie  (West Highland Terrier)

Pebbles  (Chihuahua)

Muffy 1 (Chihuahua)

Muffy 2  (Chihuahua)  (I really liked the name Muffy!)

Jasmine (Calico Cat)

Bo Didley (No one could tell what he was!  Yes, I purposely spelled Didley that way!)

Grace  (Catahoula Mix)

Zoey (Mystery Mix)


Me and Pebbles

If you’ve ever adopted a rescue dog, my friend Christine Davis wrote a wonderful book called “The Shelter Dog”. She’s also the author of “For Every Dog An Angel” and “For Every Cat An Angel” about the loss of a beloved pet. I’ve given those books to many of my close friends over the years.

For most of us, pets aren’t just “pets” – they’re FAMILY!  They adopt us as much as we adopt them.  It always makes me smile when your dog can sense exactly when you need a gentle nuzzle to make you feel better.  They’re so tuned into making sure that we know we’re loved by them.  It’s so wonderful.


Grace (Black) and Zoey (White)


I’m really curious about the breed mixtures in Grace and Zoey that I recently bought two Dog DNA Tests – and thankfully I only have to do a cheek swab on each of them!  It tests for their breed and genetic ancestry.  I’m planning on swabbing them soon!   I wish these tests were available back when I had my Bo Didley.  We spent 18 1/2 years together, all I could say is that he sort of looked like a Black Lab puppy that never grew up!  He was my little protector.  I will always miss him…but I’m happier knowing that he was in my life.


Bo Didley

I’d love to hear about your rescue doggies (or any other pet!)! Tell me all about them in the comments below! I wish there was a way for you to post a picture too!!! I can’t wait to read about your fur babies!!!

Give them an extra kiss for me!!!

Jacque 💜


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Jennie R. Gibbon May 21, 2018 - 10:15 AM

I have a miniature black poodle named Jameson Morgan. My sister in law found him as a stray where she works, Kinder Morgan. ( a chemical tank farm). Hence the Morgan. I also have a miniature pinscher, who I named Gunther Von Ruff. My nephew and his wife were going to take him to the SPCA. He was too hyper for them. They both worked and he hated to be left alone. He’s now almost 12 yrs old and my velcro dog.i was fortunate enough to be retired and could give him all the attention he needs. They are my boys. And I am blessed to have them in my life!

Jacque May 21, 2018 - 10:18 AM

How wonderful Jennie!!! I love “Velcro Dog”!!! 💜💜💜

Franni May 20, 2018 - 11:45 PM

I did DNA on Gizmo to find what he is. He is half Yorkie, a quarter Shih Tzu and a quarter Border Collie


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