It’s time for SUNDAY YUMMIES!!!

by Jacque Gonzales

It’s back to school time and time is slipping past me at record speeds.  In between trying to find those few, ever elusive, bizarrely specific school supplies from my daughters 5th Grade list (which is a feat in itself),

I found something scrumptious for our SUNDAY YUMMIES – and it couldn’t be easier!

“The Best Crockpot BBQ Chicken”

…and by its name…apparently it’s the “BEST”!!!  You can get this yummy recipe from Corey at Family Fresh Meals !!!  I’m planning to make it this week to give it a test drive on my taste buds. Please let me know if you make it too!

Now…Let’s talk about how AMAZING Crockpots are!!! First, Crockpot is a brand name of slow-cookers – which most of us say regardless of who made it.  It’s sort of like when someone asks you ofor a Kleenex – you’re not going to say “Sorry, I don’t have Kleenex, I have tissues.”.  We’ve grown accustomed to a using some brand names as generic descriptors for similar products – because of amazing marketing!

…and I have to say the next best thing to happen to the Crockpot/Slow-Cooker are LINERS!!!  My sister Beverly introduced me to them.  They make storage easy (lift out the liner to put into a container to put in the refrigerator or freezer) and clean up EVEN EASIER!  Lift out the liner – and voilà – a clean slow cooker.  I’ll never be without liners ready to go!

Crockpot/Slow-cookers are fantastic at making anyone into a cooking genius – and turning less expensive cuts into fork-tender deliciousness!  They’re hard at work for you all day long to cook you a delightful meal when it’s time for dinner.

But there’s SO MUCH MORE that they can do!  Don’t believe me?  Check out all these cool things that you can do in your Crockpot/Slow-cooker! From cakes, mashed potatoes, making soap, and even dying yarn!  You find all the “26 Things You Can Do With a Crockpot” from Cris on her blog -> GOODEness Gracious 😁

Slow-cooker Soap

Slow-cooker Yarn Dye

Cris also has a new website dedicated entirely to Crockpot/Slow-cooker recipes called Recipes That Crock  🙂

What are your favorite and tried and true Crockpot recipes?  I’d love to try some new things in my handy dandy Crockpot!

AND – what type of recipes would you like to see for my next SUNDAY YUMMIES???

Nom Nom!

Jacque 🙂

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b reed August 6, 2017 - 7:54 PM

your friend beverly using the liners too.


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