SUNDAY YUMMIES – New Mexican Green Chile Stew

by Jacque Gonzales

This edition of SUNDAY YUMMIES is from my home state of New Mexico.  We’re known for amazing food – ask anyone who’s eaten New Mexican food – and this is one of our signature dishes!!!

New Mexican Green Chile Stew

BTW – Before we get to the recipe I need to educate some of you about CHILE – more specifically, New Mexico Chile.

New Mexico Chile Association

  1. It’s a FRUIT not a vegetable.
  2. It’s spelled CHILE – if you spell it CHILI you’re talking about the dish with meat and spices (i.e. Chili Cook-Offs).
  3. 1 medium sized green chile pod has as much Vitamin C as 6 oranges.
  4. In fact, New Mexicans love our chile so much we have an official “STATE QUESTION”!  It’s “Red or Green?”  That is the normal question asked when you order any dish with New Mexico Chile – meaning do you want RED or GREEN chile on your food.  If you can’t decide or love both – you say “Christmas” – which is a mixture of red and green!
  5. Last year about 69,000 tons of New Mexico Chile was produced with an estimated value over $50 million!
  6. New Mexico Hatch Chile is the BEST!!!  TRUST ME!!!  (I’m slightly biased – but it’s true!)
  7. In fact, it’s so good that it must be CERTIFIED “New Mexico Chile” in order to be sold as such.  It’s like “Champagne” is ONLY from France (yes, I just compared New Mexico Chile to “Champagne”!).
  8. Almost every fast food chain offers New Mexico Green Chile to add on to their food for an extra price. McDonalds will add it to their hamburgers, Pizza Hut puts it on their pizzas!  When I moved from Albuquerque to Kansas City I tried to order a pizza with green chile and they had no idea what I was talking about.  It was second nature to me.
  9. When eating any kind of chile and the heat starts to take over your tastebuds – drink MILK!  Milk helps to dissolve some of the capsaicin that creates the “heat”.  Water will only move it around in your mouth – and soda can intensify the “burn”.

New Mexico Chile Association

I’m stopping myself there or I’ll just keep going on an on about our chile!!!  🙂

Now, back to SUNDAY YUMMIES!

New Mexican Green Chile Stew is a state-wide favorite.  The recipe I’m giving you is pork based – but you can also find versions with chicken or ground beef.

This is comfort food.  It freezes well – if it lasts!  Consider doubling the recipe to freeze.

I searched for the most authentic version I could find that resembled what I grew up eating – as soon as I saw LARD in the recipe from REMCooks I knew I was pretty spot on!  (BTW: Lard is a key ingredient in many New Mexican dishes.)

New Mexican Green Chile Stew combines pork, potatoes, New Mexico Green Chile (if you can’t get it – (sigh) – you can use other chiles or canned chile.).

Photo by

The recipe for our yummy New Mexican Green Chile Stew is HERE from REMCooks.

If you try it – please let me know how you liked it!

What kind of food would you like to see on upcoming SUNDAY YUMMIES?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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Nom Nom,

Jacque 💜

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Rayme October 1, 2017 - 6:01 PM

Hi Jacque! I’m sorry to hear we can’t see you and your lovely smile on the Q anymore. You once sent me your Posolé recipe and I was wondering if you could provide that again. Secondly when I made your recipe the first time I had red chiles mailed to me from NM but later saw dried chiles in my local grocery store here in CA that appeared to be the same. Can you educate me on if there’s a difference in the chiles I use for your recipes? Thank you and best wishes to you!!

Jacque October 1, 2017 - 7:46 PM

Hi Rayme!!! You’re so sweet! I’ll be doing more live videos on FB and Instagram — and coming soon — some YouTube videos. 💜

Now about chile! There is a flavor difference between NM chile and others grown in different climates. You can use dried or powdered chile to create sauces or as toppings. You just reminded me that I need to order some powdered chile from NM! 🙂

Andrea September 25, 2017 - 12:25 PM

Very interesting….hope to see you back on the Q soon! You are missed

Jacque September 25, 2017 - 6:35 PM

Thank you Andrea!!!
Sorry, I will not be returning – but I more than appreciate your kind words!!! Glad you found me here! 💜

Susan Block September 25, 2017 - 12:39 AM

Thank you, dear Jacque! I appreciate your sharing this delicious recipe and it’s New Mexico history! Yum! 💜

Jacque September 25, 2017 - 6:33 PM

You’re welcome Susan! I’m “slightly” proud of my home state! 😉


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